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Sasuke-Binocular LED Phone Case

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  • The kawaii Sasuke-Binocular led iPhone case is very interesting,it can safely protect your phone and make your life colorful.
  • This iPhone tpu and pc case is suitable for iPhone 7/8, iPhone7P/8P, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, iPhone Xsmas, iPhone 11,iPhone 11Pro, iPhone 11Promax,iPhone 12/12Pro,iPhone 12mini,iPhone 12Promax,iPhone 6/6s,iPhone 6P/6SP .
  • Tips:This phone case does not participate in any discount activities, we only support standard shipping.
  • The phone case can be illuminated by inserting lightning
  • Introduction to the principle of luminescence:

        1. The phone case connector is inserted into the phone for the first time, and it stays on for 3-5 minutes. This means that the phone case is automatically adapted to the phone.
        2. Light up the screen/incoming call/app push, etc., the phone case will automatically glow.
        3. After turning off the screen, there will be a slight delay, and the phone case will turn off the light. If there is an app running in the background, the light will be turned off after a delay, and the light will be triggered occasionally
       4. If the phone's Bluetooth is always on, it may cause the phone case to be always on, ultra-energy-saving LED light source, very low power consumption, and does not affect the battery life of the phone